Jacky Law: Big Pharma. The international business with disease

There is a new book on the market. One that you should read. It is the American author Jacky Law. It illuminates in the machinations of the pharmaceutical industry. She reveals that is frequently omitted important research at pressing diseases to devote himself more lucrative business fields.Developing pharmaceutical blockbusters is the highest priority of many companies. No wonder healthcare half a trillion dollars to be implemented annually.

Instead of pills for obesity or addictive antidepressants to develop would be appropriate to do with health better educated. Healthy diet and exercise are the cornerstones of a healthy life.

Personal Trainer - 3 points that you should consider when choosing necessarily

The term "personal trainer" is not protected. Anyone can call themselves so.And everyone, even without training, offering personal training as a service. It is therefore important to leave some reasonable care in the choice of a personal trainer.

So make no mistake when choosing your coach, we have put together the 3 most important points for you here that you should look for.

Pictured: Personal Trainer Michael Schmelzer

http://prowrestlingiron.com/michael_schmelzer.jpgPersonal Trainer Michael Schmelzer since 1998 already coached international clients. He got his degree at the American Council on Exercise in New York and London, and studied sports science and sports medicine in Frankfurt.His clientele includes primarily artists, managers and entrepreneurs with the aim of long-term optimization of their lifestyle. In his Motion goes hand in hand with a balanced diet, a versatile lifestyle and a positive attitude.

Was kostet ein Personal Training?

A personal training is not cheap. The hourly rate for a personal training is usually between 60 and 150 euros. In a wealthy city like Frankfurt are the prices rather on the high end. Feel free to read more on perfect abs .

http://prowrestlingiron.com/jan_hansen.jpgJJanuary Hansen has since 1999 Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. He studied in Frankfurt Sports Science and Sports Medicine at the Univ. Frankfurt. January coached both athletes and artists as well as managers from the top echelons of large Unternehmen.Senioren can experience with him a revival of your quality of life. His passion for sport and his sympathetic nature, they should experience at a personal training. Due to its experience and the use of modern techniques his training is always effektif