Our company is one of the most (if not the most) reputed and famous non – banking financial companies around. We were brought together recently yet our company has much desired ISO certificate. We offer possible financial solutions that can be manually customized. Be it market, mortgages, commercial real estate, structured finance, infrastructural projects, syndication, debt capital markets, corporate finance or capital, you won't find a company that offers better solutions related to these affairs. Solutions we provide will, without a doubt aid our customers in every possible manner. You will not only be a lot more confident at the time of executing transactions that create value but at the same time these will also help you abide by your growth strategies.

Depending on needs of our customers, we have categorized our help section into the following categories:

Solutions for Mortgages and Real Estates

These solutions provide loans against a certain property. The property against which you get the loan is known as collateral. The interest rates of such loans are quite less as compared to the loans without collateral. The major reason behind this being the risk involved (from the lenders point of view). In such loans, if the borrower fails to keep up to the terms and conditions of the loan, then the lending company has the authority to sell the collateral so as to get the their money back. Hence, the chances of the debt not getting cleared are a lot lesser! This is the reason behind the low interest rates. This category also includes loans for the purchase of commercial property, construction finance and lease rental discounting.

Syndication and Debt Capital Markets

This is the section linked with both the private as well as the public sector banks. The mainly comprise of pension funds and financial institutions. The focus on catering to the needs of their customers with any form of possible adjustment. Learn moere about merchant services at mypaymentsavvy.com .

The Group of Corporate Finances

As the name suggests, this section primarily deals with the corporate section. These include Large as well as mid corporate customers and SMEs. Their primary objective is to provide customized solutions. This not only helps them to meet their growth finance needs but also their working capital.

The Group of the Capital Market

In the event that you are in needs of liquefying your debt, this is the section you will be approaching. The finance this section provides is mainly for investing in the Capital Market.

Solutions for Structured and Project Finance

This section revolves around the increasing midmarket customers all across the world. They aim at capitalizing on opportunities. This may be on emerging sectors, core or infrastructure.